Monday, November 17, 2014

New Painting - Dancing with Hoops

I just finished a new painting - Dancing with Hoops.  In April, 2014, the annual Native American powwow-style dance and drumming exhibition was held in Aspen.  My son works in Snowmass - just outside Aspen -  and every year he sets up the speakers and microphones for this exhibition and donates his time for their sound.  I went over to see it and helped my son a little with the mics and cables - after the powwow we were invited to have dinner with the performers.  This painting is from one of many pictures I took during the dancing.


  1. A quick check of the blogs shows me that you put on a new painting. I like it very much. I had once taken a similar picture that I thought of painting, but never did. Wonderful work Margaret!

  2. Hi Johanna - thank you so much - I've been wanting to paint that one since I went to the powwow in April. It will be in the PPWS Signature Member Show. Now I have 1 more to paint before Dec 2. Margaret